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2007. 05. 18.   Hello AquaFinesse,

Csak szeretném megköszönni nektek, hogy feltaláltátok ezt a nagyszerű terméket. Ahogy látjátok könnyebbé, és relaxáltabbá tette az életemet.

Üdv: Kees & Corrin

(Jelenleg csak angolul érhető el)

Noordwijk; Netherlands, March 2007
Subj: Testemonial Pool Puck

At the beginning December 2006 we began to enrich our swimming pool (water) with the Pool Puck brought on the market by your company. Because of the quality of our swimming pool water was already excellent, we did not see any necessity to add the AquaFinesse Pool Puck, but from the simple point of view that good can always be better, we decided to give it a fair chance. Of course, reading the reports of institutes such as Labo Derva en Kema who had done all the tests on the Pool Puck they very much speak for themselves.
After reading these reports, how good and reliable they seemed to be, we awaited with great interest our own experience with the Pool Puck.
It must be said; the water has become indeed Crystal clear, and very soft and the notorious bio film is really disappeared. Compliments for your product. It has really upgraded the quality of our pool water!
Kind Regards, Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin

J. Steenvoorden
Manager Pools

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